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The Robina Braves Baseball Club (RBBC) has as it's charter the promotion of baseball as a pastime.
The club provides baseball as an incorporated body linked the Gold Coast Baseball Association (GCBA), Baseball Queensland (BQ) and Baseball Australia (BA).
The Robina Braves Baseball Club is a non-profit organisation.

We pride ourselves as a family oriented club.

Teams/squads are managed for inclusion as part of GCBA competitions in both Winter and Summer seasons.

Seniors play in both seasons and Juniors only play in the Summer.

The season starts each year in October. Has a break over Christmas, restarts in the new year and finals usually take place in late March.
The juniors usually don't play during school holidays but the seniors are only off the park for about 3 weeks over the xmas, new year break.
The senior teams in Summer are usually individual squads - it's more of a fun comp where you can get to play with your mates who may or may not be as accomplished athlete as yourself (if you get my drift).
If you have a group of mates who want to play; Summer is the season to get them involved.

Competitions are held in the following age groups...
  • U16
  • U14 
  • U12 (Little League)
  • U10 (Rookie Ball)
  • Younger (T-Ball)
Your age is determined as follows - You are considered an U16 if you are under 16 on December 31 of that year. In saying that there are procedures where players can be graded to play below or above their age group should it be required.

The season starts in April and finals are played in September.
The senior teams in Winter are usually selected from all available players into grades.
The lower grades, 4th & 5th are usually made up of learners, ladies and masters (Over 35) and are usually social comps where participation is promoted. 
The higher grades 3, 2 and 1 are usually a bit more competitive made up of the younger brigade and more experienced campaigners.

Representative Honours
Only two home-grown players have gone on to represent Qld in the senior ranks

 Brett Montgomery
Jared Bruce Jared Bruce