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This page is updated after Wednesday night team selections (after training). Saturday 10 May

If any of your team is not financial they will need to pay their fees before taking the field.

NB Please encourage all players to support the Braves by staying after your game !

All players are to confirm their availability with their team manager by the Friday night before the game.

 2 Red  2 Blue  3  Legends
 Time  12:15  10:15  10:15  8:15  14:30 
 Opposition  v Nerang  v Nerang  @ Coomera  v Nerang  v Nerang
  Wataru Asaoka 
Gareth Jones
Craig Martins
Jay Myers
Dean Peel
Graeme Pugh
Rowe Chris
Yusuke Sakabe

Darren Dlugosz
Ray Dlugosz
Yuki Ishi
Josh McEwan
Graham McMahon
Wayne Penfold
Graeme Pugh
Craig Scott
Eiichi Sugawara
David Wei
Ben Brearley
Corey Butty

Nathan Butty 
Jack Hargreaves 
Hassan Maleki
Adam Peel
Dave Perry
Dan Robinson

Dean Brajevic
Darren Dulgosz
Ray Dlugosz
Conor Flood
Jack Flood 
Josh McEwan
James Poulton 
Dean Sullivan
Tim Lugton

Tim Bullen 
Gregg Charles
Dennis Cole 
Greg Cooper 
Joe Fox 
Danny Jarman 
Alan Mann 
Ayako Masuda
Allan Peel
Ken Spicer
Jiro Yoneyama
 Bench Eiichi Sugawara  3rd Grade 3rd Grade    
 Absent   Brett Montgomery
Lance White 
Jared Bruce
Nathan Cunningham
 Leigh Evans (DL) James Shaw
Guy McGufficke (DL)
Tomo Hasegawa(L)
Ned Somerville *
Anthony Rogers (DL)
Brian Gilbert
Bernie Howard
 Manager   Gregg Charles  Leigh Evans  Mugga    Alan Mann
 Scorer   Olga    Sharon   Ryan  Vanessa
 Umpire  Peely  3rd Grade
 Goooone !    James Wakelam  Daniel Stewart  Steph :(  Ryan Houlton

If your name is not on the list (of either players or OUT) or you are not available : contact Aaron or post a comment on facebook.

* Name appears on current 'Open Invoices' listing